• Juice Monkeys Juice Binge delivers to the continental U.S. via FedEx Priority Overnight Shipping.
  • FedEx will deliver your coolers Tuesday through Friday. To ensure maximum freshness, we do not schedule orders to arrive on Saturday, Sunday or Monday.
  • The 3-Day Juice Binge, One Day Binge and Sampler require only one delivery of juices on the morning you start.
  • The 5-Day Juice Binge involves two deliveries – one on your first morning and another on your third morning. If you are purchasing a 5-Day Cooler Cleanse you must start on a Tuesday or Wednesday to ensure timely delivery of your second shipment of juices.


What time will my juice arrive?


We ship via FedEx Priority Overnight shipping, which has an estimated arrival time of 10:30am. Depending on your location, some juices may arrive at noon or as late as 5:00pm. You will receive an estimated delivery time when you enter your Zip code to place your order. You will also receive a tracking number via email the day before your scheduled delivery date and can track your order on We recommend that you start your cleanse on the day the juices are delivered to ensure freshness.


What if my delivery is late?


Due to weather conditions or other FedEx delays, your package may arrive after the estimated time. Don’t worry – your juices are packaged to stay cold and will remain fresh. Snack on a piece of fruit and sip on plenty of herbal tea and water until they arrive. If your delivery arrives later in the day, it is perfectly fine to wait and start your cleanse the next day. Just make sure you refrigerate your juices as soon as possible and keep them unopened until you are ready to drink them. We are unable to issue shipping refunds due to a FedEx delay.




We ship your juices inside an inflatable insulated liner that converts a cardboard box into a cooler. Your juice will arrive packed in ice and chilled to approximately 40 degrees. The juices should be refrigerated as soon as you receive your delivery to ensure that they remain potent for up to three days.




Please inspect your cooler immediately upon receipt. All claims must be filed within 24 hours of receipt. We cannot be responsible for damaged or compromised juices due to the following:


Incorrect addresses. We ship to the exact address you enter at checkout. Please take a moment to ensure that the address is correct before finalizing your order.

Unopened shipments. All boxes are clearly marked “Perishable” and must be opened and the contents refrigerated upon receipt.

Gift shipments sent to recipients who are out of town or otherwise unavailable to receive their juices. Please notify recipient of the pending arrival of perishable juices.


Orders sent to a multi-unit dwelling such as apartment buildings may not be released unless someone is home to accept them. Please consider shipping to your work address where you can refrigerate your juices upon arrival.



Shipping charges vary and will be calculated at checkout before you complete your purchase.


Charges and Cancellations


We do not offer refunds after your order is confirmed. If you need to change or postpone your order, you must notify us at least 72 hours before your start date. We will give you a credit to use at any available time in the following 12-month period. For example, if you are scheduled for a Thursday start date, you must inform us of changes by 9am Monday. We do not offer credit for cancellations made less than 72 hours before your start date. We cannot offer credit if you cancel during the cleanse. If there are medical reasons for canceling after the 72-hour deadline, we ask you to submit a doctor’s note. Requests for credit based on medical issues will be handled on an individual basis. We reserve the right to make decisions case by case.




Because glass is extremely heavy, to save on shipping cost all overnighted Juice Binges are packages in plastic bottles in place of our normal glass mason jars. We are, however, committed to reducing waste! Our juice bottles are made of #1 PET plastic, the easiest plastic to recycle. Please rinse and dispose of the bottles in your recycling.


Juice Monkeys works exclusively with FedEx and PeriShip, the leaders in the management of overnight shipping of perishable products.

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