Rules of Engagement

The Binge Rules of Engagement


Method to the Madness

The Juice Binge is not just a bunch of juice drinks. This “ain’t” Capri Sun. It’s a comprehensive system formulated to help your body reset, rid, and re-build.  The Juice Binge helps give your digestive system a break so it can easily absorb the vitamins and minerals in our tasty, nutrient dense juices.  The more closely you follow the system, the better the benefits.  Each day you will consume six delicious blends in a carefully constructed order for optimum nutrient and antioxidant absorption.


Jumpstart your Binge.

You will start your day with our Lemon Banger.  Lemons alkalinize your body, providing healing balance to the modern acidic diet. Hot cayenne boosts your metabolism, ups circulation and causes you to burn calories faster.


Keep Binging.

Throughout the day you will enjoy five nutrient dense juiceblends.  The Lou Ferrigno, Pineapple Chestpress,  Droppin Beets, LyndsayLohan,  and The Big Green “O”. For maximum results, it’s best to drink each juice 2 hours apart in place of food. Each Juice is labeled from 1-6. Start with 1 end with 6.


Flush away.

You are not limited to the juice.  We recommend that you drink herbal teas and water throughout the day to help your body naturally flush out toxins and promote overall well-being.


Keep moving.

Exercise supports the detox process. It increases blood and lymphatic circulation, removing acids through the skin, lungs, bowels, and kidneys. Steer clear of High Intensity workouts and stick to lower impact methods while on the Binge


Understand your body.

While we hope that you’re a lucky one who feels great from the start, usually detoxing effects get worse before getting better. Depending on how many toxins your tissues are holding, reactions range from mild to non-existent to strong and relatively harsh. Detox symptoms include things like headaches, nausea, sweats, PMS-like symptoms, and more. As best you can, take a “this too shall pass” mindset and increase the alkaline water to flush the releasing toxic matter. You can also get fresh air, walk, move, and/or take a hot bath.

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