Nutrition Facts

and Health Benefits-the

“not so fine” print

*These numbers are based on a single 8 oz. jar of our juice.  The detox comes in a 16 oz. jar and the numbers must be doubled in order to get an accurate figure for each.


8 oz. Pineapple Chestpress-Pineapple, green apple, lemon, and mint (detox)-Aids in digestion, regulation of blood sugar, and is a natural antioxidant

Calories/ total fat-110/ <.1 g

Cholesterol -0

Sodium-1 mg

Carbohydrate/ dietary fiber/ sugar-29.3 g/ 4.6 g/ 20.6 g

Protein-1.1 g

Calcium-31.2 mg

Potassium-262.7 mg


8 oz. Lou Ferrigno-Green apple, kale, spinach, romaine, celery, cucumber, parsley, lemon, and ginger root (detox)-Natural energy, aids in weight loss, and helps fortify immune system

Calories/ total fat-74/ .3 g


Sodium-62 mg

Carbohydrate/ dietary fiber/ sugar- 17.5 g/ 4.6 g/ 7.9 g

Protein-2.7 g

Calcium-104.1 mg

Potassium-583.8 mg


8 oz. Lemon Banger-Filtered water, lemon, and cayenne pepper (detox)-Begins the detoxifying process in pancreas and liver and jump starts the metabolism

Calories/ total fat-16/ <.1 g


Sodium-2 mg

Carbohydrate/ dietary fiber/ sugar-5.2 g/ 1.6 g/ 1.4 g

Protein-.6 g

Calcium-14.8 mg

Potassium-78.2 mg


8 oz. Droppin Beets-Red apple, beets, lemon, and ginger root (detox)-Anti-inflammation, boost stamina, lower blood sugar, and detoxifies blood

Calories/ total fat-106/ .3g


Sodium-67 mg

Carbohydrate/ dietary fiber/ sugar-26.7 g/ 6 g/ 18 g

Protein-1.8 g

Calcium-28 mg

Potassium-444.9 mg


8 oz. Lyndsay Lohan-Red apple, cabbage, carrot, lemon, and lime (detox)(sampler)-Detoxifies pancreas and liver, improves digestion, and anti-inflammatory

Calories/ total fat-84/ <.1 g


Sodium-52 mg

Carbohydrate/ dietary fiber/ sugar-21.6 g/5.1 g/ 11.6 g

Protein-1.8 g

Calcium-60.5 mg

Potassium-456.5 mg


8 oz. Big Green “O”-Green apple, kale, lime, and mint (detox)(sampler)-Natural energy, strong bones and teeth, and aids in visual health

Calories/ total fat-111/ .6 g


Sodium-37 mg

Carbohydrate/ dietary fiber/ sugar-26.8 g/ 4.8 g/ 12.1 g

Protein-2.8 g

Calcium-129.9 mg

Potassium-546.4 mg


8 oz. ABC-Red apple, beet and carrot (sampler)-High in antioxidants and potassium to boost immune system, stabilize mood and sleep patterns, and helps lower cholesterol

Calories/ total fat-102/ .9 g


Sodium-126 mg

Carbohydrate/ dietary fiber/ sugar-24g/ 6.2 g/ 15.4 g

Protein-2.4 g

Calcium-45.1 mg

Potassium-609 mg


8 oz. Peary Farrell-Pear, cucumber, celery, and lime-High in water soluble fiber, great for hydration, colon health and inflammation.

Calories/ total fat-96/ <.1g


Sodium-25 mg

Carbohydrate/ dietary fiber/ sugar-26.2 g/ 5.2 g/ 15.5 g

Protein-1 g

Calcium-33.1 mg

Potassium-282.7 mg


8 oz. OGC-Orange, carrot, and ginger root (sampler)-Cardiovascular health, aids in healthy immune function, and natural energy production

Calories/ total fat-103/ <.1 g


Sodium-60 mg

Carbohydrate/ dietary fiber/ sugar-25 g/ 5.9 g/ 17.4 g

Protein-2.4 g

Calcium-85 mg

Potassium-536.9 mg


8 oz. Orange Sensation-Orange, carrot, and papaya (sampler)-Stimulates digestive system, controls premature ageing, great for skin and hair, and enhances male fertility

Calories/ total fat-97/ <.1 g


Sodium-62 mg

Carbohydrate/ dietary fiber/ sugar-23.6 g/ 5.5 g/ 15.4 g

Protein-2.2 g

Calcium-75.7 g

Potassium-571.8 g


8 oz. American-Watermelon and cucumber-High in potassium and antioxidants, aids in hydration, loaded with vitamin B, and addresses erectile dysfunction

Calories/ total fat-62/ <.1 g


Sodium-2 mg

Carbohydrate/ dietary fiber/ sugar-14.6 g/ .8 g/ 11.8 g

Protein-1.6 g

Calcium-21 mg

Potassium-274.2 mg


8 oz. Zeus Juice-Green apple, cabbage, cucumber, celery, kale, parsley, and ginger root (sampler)-Aids in digestion, anti inflammatory, high in calcium, and a natural energy booster

Calories/ total fat-69/ .2 g


Sodium-67 mg

Carbohydrate/ dietary fiber/ sugar-16.6 g/ 3.8 g/ 8.8 g

Protein-2.1 g

Calcium-88.3 mg

Potassium-501.6 mg


8 oz. Greenergizer Monkey-Green apple, beet, broccoli, cucumber, celery, spinach, cabbage, and watercress-Regulates immune system, aids in digestion, eliminates toxins from blood, detoxifies liver, increases energy levels, and aids in detoxifying of liver

Calories/ total fat-74/ .3 g


Sodium-83 mg

Carbohydrate/ dietary fiber/ sugar-17 g/ 4.7 g/ 10.3 g

Protein-2.9 g

Calcium-81.4 mg

Potassium-593.9 mg


1.5 oz. Ginger Tonic Shot-Ginger root, lemon, lime, turmeric, and raw local honey-A natural thermogenic it elevates the heart rate and helps to burn fat, aids in digestive health and upset stomach, natural energy booster, helps build immunity to local allergens, and is a great anti inflammatory.

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